Welcome to AntoniO365

Welcome to my Microsoft 365 blog, where I like to share my knowledge and expertise with the community about Microsoft Cloud technologies.  My work focuses mostly on security, records management and data governance, but I do a lot of Cloud Architecture work as well.  I may occasionally throw in some writing about some of my hobbies, like oil painting, wine making, maple syrup making, and books.

If you're looking for my old blog, it's still available at www.trustsharepoint.com.

SharePoint Conference 2020: Full Day Workshop on Data Governance and Information Protection

At SharePoint Conference North America 2020, I'm giving a Full Day Workshop titled Discover How to Implement Data Governance and Information Protection in Microsoft 365. Join me May 22 in Las Vegas to learn everything you need to protect your sensitive data and your records.

Securely Manage & Govern Your Office 365 Global Administrators

Due to the fact that the Global Admin role in O365 is all powerful and has access to all capabilities, there is good reason to ensure that all users with this level of access are securely managed and governed.

UPDATED: A Practical Introduction to Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Forms & Microsoft Forms Pro

Microsoft has a long history of form solutions which have come and gone.  After several years of flux, we finally have a clear path forward for online forms in SharePoint and in the Microsoft Cloud.  This is an update to a post on my previous blog www.trustsharepoint.com.