Policies to Safely Enable External Sharing & Guest Access in Microsoft 365

External sharing and guest access in Microsoft 365 is a great collaboration capability that helps us to reduce duplicating content, have more visibility on content which is shared externally, helps us get to the content we need more quickly and helps us work together more efficiently. There are of course inherent risks, but Microsoft has built significant controls and capabilities to help reduce those risks. Understanding and utilizing those capabilities to reduce those risks can help us to safely and confidently enable external sharing and guest access in Microsoft 365. In this blog I’m sharing some of my common recommendations for safely, securely and confidently enabling external sharing and guest access in Microsoft 365. 

Field Notes: Implementing Microsoft Purview in the Real World

(ARMA Canada)

I was kindly invited by Microsoft to speak during their full day workshop at the ARMA Canada 2023 Conference in Toronto. The workshop was titled Pre-Conference Workshop: Microsoft 365 Purview or Data Security, Information Governance, and Risk Mitigation and it was held on Sunday July 16, 2023.
They asked me to talk about what I have seen in the real world, when helping our customers implement Microsoft Purview. These are my notes from that session for both the attendees and anyone else that might be looking for recommendations or suggestions on how we implement Microsoft Purview.

Protect your Microsoft 365 Collaboration Spaces with Sensitivity Labels

We often think of applying Sensitivity Labels to content we work with every day like emails and documents to both protect those items as well as to inform recipients of their sensitivity and care with which they should be handled.

We’ve also been able to apply Sensitivity Labels to collaboration spaces such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Sites, and more recently as a default to SharePoint Document Libraries. Many are still discovering this is an option – they’re learning about how Sensitivity Labels on Teams, Sites and Libraries are different and how they can help automatically enforce data protection policies. Lets look into how we can better protect our collaboration spaces in Microsoft 365 with Purview Sensitivity Labels.

Prepare for Sensitivity Labels in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Sites

When you configure a Sensitivity Label in Microsoft Purview Information Protection, you can select to apply them to Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Sites in order to automatically enforce Data protection policies on those collaboration spaces. Today we’re going to look at the steps you need to take for this option to be available when you want to apply Sensitivity Labels to your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Sites.